Guggenheim Mansion Accommodations

Welcome to 'Villa Corola', the former Isaac Guggenheim estate designed by Howard van Buren Magonigle c. 1916 in Sands Point. Guggenheim was a member of Guggenheim Brothers, a mining and smelting holding company, as well as a director of the American Smelting and Refining Co.. Following Isaac's death the estate went to his brother Solomon (founder of the Guggenheim Museum in NYC).

The Hotel Rooms are recently updated with new mattresses, fresh linens, Smart TV's, and furniture. There is also a newly renovated communal area featuring a kitchenette, dining tables, and lounge. Perfect for families, looking for a weekend getaway, and bridal parties looking for an area to get ready for their big day.

The Mansion is in active use today serving as an unique location for Weddings and other lifetime events. With overnight lodging rooms available, it offers the advantage of a prime venue that caters for all needs. For reservations, please email [email protected].